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Beat Freaks
Beat Freaks.jpg
Season 3
Region West
City Los Angeles
State California
Place 2nd
Members Lindsey "Out There" Blaufarb
Teresa Espinosa
Keeley "Lockn'Key" Kaukimoce
Marie "Maryss from Paris" Courchinoux
Julie "Lady Jules" Urich
Alex "B-Girl Shorty" Welch
Rino Nakasone-Razalan


Week Challenge Music Result
1: Sudden Death Challenge None "Din Daa Daa" - George Kranz Safe
2: Fit Test Challenge Side Plank "Independent" - Webbie feat. Lil' Boosie Safe
3: Britney Spears Challenge Perform the masculine and feminine sides of Britney from the video "Womanizer" - Britney Spears Safe
4: Whack Track Challenge Perform while doing the Carlton dance "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)" - The Offspring Safe
5: Illusion Challenge Perform while making something levitate "Freeze" - T-Pain feat. Chris Brown Safe
6: Battle of the Sexes Challenge Group performance with Quest Crew, Fly Khicks, and Strikers All-Stars "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" - Beyoncé None
6: Battle of the Sexes Challenge Incorporate the Louisville Slugger within the routine "Hot n Cold" - Katy Perry Safe
7: Hip Hop Decathlon Threading, Waving, Tutting, Housing, Krumping "Poker Face" - Lady GaGa, "I'm in Miami (LA), Trick" - LMFAO, "Love Lockdown" - Kanye West, "Closer" - Ne-Yo, and "Get Up" - 50 Cent Safe
7: Last Chance Challenge Show America why they should be crowned America's Best Dance Crew "Freak the Dream" - Beat Freaks and District 78 Runner-Ups
8: The Live Finale Perform alongside Team Millennia and Boxcuttuhz as JC Chasez' team "Just Dance" - Lady GaGa None
8: The Live Finale Perform alongside Quest Crew before the champions are crowned "Beggin'" - Madcon None